by Jerry Vines

Fig Trees, Temples, and Mountains
Jerry Vines
Mark 11:12-26

We are in the last days of the life of our Lord, right ahead of Him is the cross of Calvary. The countdown to his death is on. So, the Lord Jesus now is teaching and examining and moving in the city of Jerusalem. During the day He spends His time in Jerusalem teaching in the temple and in various places. Then at night He goes back to the little village of Bethany to spend the night there. These verses have a combination of rather unusual ingredients. There is a fig tree, the temple, and then a mountain. What is God trying to say to us when He puts these three unusual circumstances together? I believe that in these words, in these Scriptures, there is a very definite message to the heart of every born again child of God.

There are two acts of judgment. The Lord curses the fig tree and He cleanses the temple. Then, there is a tremendous lesson on prayer where Jesus said that it is possible through prayer to move mountains. In these acts of judgment, the Lord Jesus examines us and in this lesson on prayer, Jesus encourages us. I always marvel how the Holy Spirit takes His word wherever you may be studying and applies it to the situation at the particular time. I've seen this happen over and over again in my own ministry. Wherever I happen to be teaching in God's Word, God seems to have a message for the time and the hour where we are say what we are doing today is getting ready for revival meeting. Dr. Lindsay says you are already praying and I hope you will redouble your prayer efforts. But I want us to use these verses today to examine our hearts and to encourage our hearts.

Let's take a look at these verses which EXAMINE OUR LIVES.

There is first of all an examination that has to do with our outer life. The question it raises for our hearts is this: Is there any fruit in your life? When God examines your life, as a believer, is there any fruit? The circumstances, which bring this examin ...

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