by Jerry Vines

The Triumphal Entry
Jerry Vines
Mark 11:1-11

The place is near Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives. On this mountain, Jesus will tell His disciples about His coming again. At the foot of this mountain, Jesus will pray, and His perspiration will become as great drops of blood. On this mountain, Jesus will go back to heaven and so from this mountain He descends going into the city of Jerusalem.

The time is the Passover. It was that feast when the Jews were to bring sacrificial lambs. So, by the thousands they are moving, cramming the city streets of Jerusalem, bringing their sacrificial lambs. Jesus comes, on this occasion, bringing Himself, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. The event is the even known as our Lord's Triumphal Entry.

This is the time when Jesus publicly comes to the city of Jerusalem and presents Himself to Israel as their Messiah and Savior. Jesus has been to Jerusalem many, many times. This is the last time He will ever come. This marks the last week in the life of our Lord.

One week from this triumphal entry, Jesus Christ will be nailed to a cross and will die for the sins of the world. This is an altogether and unusual, amazing event. It is a complete reversal from what Jesus has normally done.

Do you remember, as we have studied all through the book of Mark, bow, regardless of what may have taken place - though He may have healed a man - though He may have done something spectacular, Jesus always told them, ''Don't tell anybody.'' He seemed to withdraw and avoid publicity. Now, He completely reverses that situation. It seems as if Jesus is consciously ordering the events to bring attention to Himself and to make Himself the very focus of the attention of the people. Why did Jesus do this?

There are several reasons. One reason Jesus did it was to fulfill prophecy. The Bible had predicted that Jesus would enter into the City of Jerusalem. Prophecy had predicted that the Savior would come and the Messiah woul ...

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