by Jerry Vines

Blind Bartimaeus
Jerry Vines
Mark 10:46-52

You will recall that the Lord Jesus is on His way to the city of Jerusalem. For the last time He will go there, for they will take Him and crucify Him upon a cross. So, on this final journey to Jerusalem He goes down through the city of Jerico. The name Jerico means to smell. The reason it was given that unusual name is because of the beautiful fragrances found in that city. There were rose gardens all over Jerico. There was balsam and cypress and all kinds of fragrant bushes there. There came a day when Jesus came walking through Jerico. There was one walking through that day who was the Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley. Never had there been such fragrance in Jerico as the day when Jesus came walking there. Remember the pilgrims were on their way up to Jerico. So, the roads were jamed with travelers at this particular time. People were lining the roads to get a glimpse of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus came to the city of Jerico. It was at this place, you remember, where a little man named Zacchaeus went up into a tree and the Lord Jesus spoke to him and Zacchaeus was saved that day. After that experience, the Lord is going out of the city of Jerico and the Bible tells us about this man, blind Bartimaeus, Probably most of us are familiar with Bartimaeus. There is a gospel song written about this experience. You remember the words go like this: One sat alone beside the highway begging. His eyes were blind, the light he could not see. He clutched his rags and trembled in the darkness. Then Jesus came and bade the darkness flee. This Bartimaeus is the one who inspired the writing of that particular song. When Jesus was on this earth He healed many different kinds of sicknesses and diseases. He healed people with palsy. He cleansed those who were lepers. He even raised the dead. So, here is a man who is blind and Jesus very often.


There may be some of you here today who are in t ...

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