by Jerry Vines

Seems like everytirie Jesus talked about His death on the cross, it brought out
some spiritual flaw in the lives of the disciples. Here is Jesus talking about
Ilis cross and they are in a fuss with one another about who is goi ug to be the
greatest. I think probably this particular, and the disciples were good at
fussing, by the way, was precipitated by the fact that Peter, James and John
had been carried by Jesus, with Him up on the mountain. You can imagine how
they must have felt - the air of superiority they must have had when they came
back down from the mountain. I'm sure that all of those, Peter, James and John
- all three of them were assured and confident in their minds that they were
going to be the greatest. I can almost hear Simon Peter - "I saw it all. I was
right up there with Jesus, I saw it every bit." I can almost hear James. "I
was the first one to recognize Moses and Elijah." I can hear John, "I was
closer to Jesus than anybody in the whole situation." So, they are just
absolutely filled with pride and they are confident they are going to be the
greatest in the kingdom. The rest of the disciples aren't too happy about that
prospect and I can almost hear them. "You think you're so spiritual. We all
know the reason Jesus took you up on that mountain. We all know that Jesus
couldn't risk you being down here. You'd backslide while -e was gone. So, He
had to take you up there on the mountain. We're going to be the greatest. We
know who is the greatest in this deal." So, they were having a real good fuss
about who was the greatest and who was the most important. So, when they came
into the house in Capernaum, Jesus said, "Fellows, what were you talking about
on the way?" The Bible says they were silent. There was an embarrassed
silence. There was a sense of shame. Ile had been talking about the cross and
giving himself for the sin of the world and they were talking about self-glory
and self-greatnes ...

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