by Jerry Vines


I want us to look carefully at these verses because they mark a turning
point in lark's Gospel. I hope it will not only be a turning point in this
book but I hope these verses and the truths of these verses will be a
turning point in your life as well. We began the reading today with the
account of a very unusual miracle. In fact, this miracle is one of the
miracles which is recorded only in Mark's Gospel. It is a unique miracle.
It is a different miracle because it is the only instance in the
Scriptures where Jesus heals someone gradually. We are told here about a
blind that was brought to the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus took him aside,
spat upon his eyes, laid his hands on him and said to him, "What do you
see?" The man could just see very dimly and so he said, "I see men as
trees walking." Then, Jesus touches his hand on the man the second time
and then said, "What do you see?" The man said, "I see every man clearly."
Here is a gradual miracle. It is the only time Jesus did something like,
recorded in the Scriptures. I think there is a reason why this particular
miracle is placed right where it is in Mark's Gospel. You may remember
that in the verses just prior to this, the Lord Jesus has chided his
disciples for their slowness of spiritual understanding. They were slow to
perceive, they were slow to comprehend, and to understand what Jesus was
saying and what he was doing. It is also given to us right before --Jesus
is going to teach them what he has come into this world to do. So, I
believe the point of the miracle is this: spiritual maturity is not
something that happens all at once. You have to grow and you have to
mature and you have to develop. I'm glad God is patient with us. I'm glad
God gives us not only the second touch, but God gives us the third touch
and the fourth touch, and everything that's needed to help us grow and
mature in our understanding. So, with this preparation, as we see God
dea ...

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