by Jerry Vines

Mark 7:31-37
Look back at the 31st verse which begins this passage. This is the
geographical notation that tells about the completion of our Lord's
journey through southern Lebanon. If you had a Bible map and followed
closely what was being said, you would find that Jesus was actually
taking the long way home. It is as if you were going to Atlanta and you
went by way of Orlando. So, there has been quite a bit of speculation as
to why Jesus went such a long route to get back where he was going. I
think the reason is because that Jesus was taking this period of time to
teach and train his disciples. It was kind of a walking seminar. On this
long journey, they probably took about eight months, Jesus is teaching,
training, and preparing his disciples. Do you notice in verse 31 it says
that they come through the midst of the coast of Decapolis. You might
underline Decapolis because I think there is something here that is
important. We need to study it. Back when we were in the fifth chapter
of Mark and we were talking about Legion and how the Lord cast the
devils out of Legion and sent them into the swine. You remember, the
people of that area came to Jesus and asked him to leave. They told him
to go away, so he left their coast. When I was preaching on that I made
the statement that they rejected Jesus Christ and He never returned
again. lie never came back to that area again. I was studying this week
and the Lord said to me, "Do you see that 31st verse?" I said, "Yes,
Lord." He said, "Old smarty britches, you said he never came back but he
did, didn't he?" I said, "Yes, Lord." "Then you tell the people you were
wrong." "Airight, Lord, I was wrong." Jesus did come back to Decapolis.
Of course, that is the difference between Jesus and us so many times,
isn't it? We give up. We say, "airight, if that's the way you want it,
just go on to hell." That's not the way Jesus operates, is it? Jesus
just comes back o ...

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