by Jerry Vines

,!ark 7:24-30.
In the 24tlh verse you will Inotice that Jesus, for the first t i
steps out of Israel and goes to gentile territory. fie 'goes to the
borders of Tyre and Sidon. It i'.ight help yo to locate these two
places if you will keep in mind that both of these cities were
not very far from Beruit Lebanon where they are having such
difficulty in the middle east right now. So, the Lord Jesus steps
out of Jewish territory and he moves among the Gentiles for the
first time. Jesus, by this action, is illustrating the fact that
He had come to be the Savior of the world. The Bible says:
For God so loved the world that lie gave ilis only
begotten son...
Jesus is a whosoever will Savior. It doesn't matter who you are.
It doesn't tmatter where you have corme from. It doesn't matter
what your nationality may be. Jesus Christ loves you and Jesus
Christ is willing to save you. So, Jesus cane into this
particular region, he went into a house, he didn't want anybody
to know he was there. Yet the Scripture says here in verse 24:
Ile could not be hid...
They had already heard about the Lord Jesus in this area. In
fact, in the 6th chapter of the gospel of Luke, the 17th verse we
are told that people from this very area had come to Jesus to
bear illi and to be healed of Piim. So, Jesus was not unknown in
this particular area. So, the word g-ot around t' hat Jesus Christ
was there. People began to come. The reputation of the Lord had
preceeded Hlim, so people hearing that Jesus was come, iriuniediately
began to colie to Hlim. Ile could not be bid. There is a lot of
truth ili that statem-,ient anyhow, isn't there? Thle presence of
Jesus Christ can never be hid. That's true in a clurchi. If Jesus
is there lie can't be hid. That's true in a horme. If Jesus is in a
home he cannot be hid. That's true in an individual life. If
Jesus Christ is in your life, you cannot permanently bide that
face. Rereenber what it was said about t ...

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