by Jerry Vines

MARK 7:14-23
-n the ve-r-ses w.e are o,oing to study today the Lord Jesus picks up
\i'at is mentioned in the second verse of this chapter. You notice
back there it said that the Pharisees saw the disciples eating
bread with defiled or with unwashed hands. The Pharisees
completely misunderstood the purpose and the place of the
traditions of mien. They had elevated the traditions of men to a
position of equal authority with the Scriptures to the point that
Jesus said, You have laid aside the Word of God in order to keep
the traditions of men. They misunderstood, totally, human
tradition. But, Jesus goes a step further and goes to a deeper
level. He points out also that they have misunderstood the nature
of human sin as well. It is very difficult for us to get into
what Jesus is trying to say here. We are not accustomed to the
kinds of things that the Jews were accustomed to. When we read
the Scripture and it says they were eating with defiled or
unwashed hands, we get the idea that we are talking about
hygiene, not properly washing your hands, before you eat a meal.
But in the minds of the Jewish people it was something altogether
different from this. They had all kinds of ceremonial washings.
Tlbey ha-d all- kinds of cr-emonies they had to go through. If you
didn't go through those things then they felt like you were a
sinner before God and you were not worthy to come into the
presence of God. When the Scripture says they saw the disciples
of Jesus eating with defiled hands, it doesn't mean they were
dirty. They simply meant they hadn't washed in the proper manner
and therefore, they said they are not right with God. In the Old
Testament there were certain ceremonial laws. There were sore
foods t iiaL w ere considered clean foods--it was alright to eat
tiem. Th ere wr some foods that were considered unclean foods--
they were not to eat those foods. They had different kinds of
w ashiings . For i:rs-an-ce, b fore t-h ...

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