by Jerry Vines

There could hardly be a greater contrast than what we find
between chapter 6 and chapter 7. Back in the 6th chapter we have
seen the t re len0dous popularity of the Lord Jesus. low, in1 the
7th chapter the Lord Jesus encounters not popularity, but
hostility. In chapter 6 we see Jesus with his friends. In the 7th
chapter he is confronted by his foes. It is a dangerous thing to
get too carried away with the accolades and with the praise of
people. The same people who were at one time praising the Lord
Jesus and flocking to hear Him, and were singing his praises all
over the land were those who would turn on him and would be in
the crowd that would be shouting, "Crucify Him, crucify Him,." You
need never get carried away with the applause of people because
it is a very short step to go from hero to zero. So, the Lord
Jesus Christ is beginning now to experience some of the hostility
and some of the animosity which will ultimately result in His
being crucified on the cross for our sins. The theme of these
verses which I have read to you today, the substance of our
message is the matter of tradition. I was looking at these 13
verses and I noticed five times in these verses Jesus makes
reference to tradition. He is talking here about human tradition
which takes the place for the authority of the Word of God. There
are Laany kinds of tradition. There are national traditions,
things that are handed duw&r from one generation to another. There
are family traditions, things that have been passed on from
family to family--ways of observing particular holidays,
particular proceedures which we do as a family-. Many-e tihre
are church traditions. Churches, through the years, acquire
certain symbols of their faith, certain outward expressions of
their devotion to the Lord. Tradition, in and of itself, is not a
bad thin,.. Over in II Thes. 2:15, the apostle Paul said:
L1ol1 the traditions which have been deli ...

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