MARK 6:30-56

by Jerry Vines

MARK 6:30-56
In order to understand verse 30 of this chapter you have got to
connect it with 7 with 7-12 earlier in the chapter. lNow, back in
those verses the Lord Jesus had taken the disciples, he had put
them in teams of twos, and had send them out to teach the gospel,
to preach the Word, to heal the sick. So, they have done what
Jesus told them to do. They are now returning to Elthe Lord
and they are giving to Jesb-us a report of what they have done.
They are very excited. They are thrilled at what God has done.
They have been working very, very hard. So, the Lord Jesus says
to these returning exhilarated disciples:
Come ye apart into a desert place and rest awhile.
These are words I believe every weary Christian worker needs to
hear. There are times when it is good for God's children to back
off a little bit, to take a rest and to renew their spirit and to
refresh their body. It is not a good thing to neglect your body.
The scripture teaches the importance of rest. So, there needs to
be a balance between labor and rest. There are times when we work
and we work very hard. Yet, there are times when God would say to
Come ye apart and rest a while.
Vance Havner said, "If you don't come apart, you will come a
part." I think that's very true. So, there needs to be some times
when we smooth out the wrinkles of our souls, get alone with God,
refresh our body, and then get ready to serve the Lord Jesus
again. This was a very, very busy time. The Bib)le incicates to us
that this is the very peak of the popularity of Jesus. He is more
popular at this point in his ministry than lie has ever been or Ile
will ever be again. So there is a constant flow of people to see
Jesus. They are coming and they are going. The Bible says that
there were so many people thronging around Jesus and the
Disciples that they didn't have time to eat. So, Jesus said,
let's pull back for a little while. Let's take a break, let's
take ...

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