by Jerry Vines

Mark 6:14-29
This is one of the blackest episodes in all of the pages of the Bible. It is the record of
how Herod, the King, murdered John the Baptist in cold blood. Herod, Heriodias, and John.
They remind usa great deal uf- the Old Testament triad of Ahab, Jezebel, and Elijah. A wicked
king, a she-devil wife, and a courgeous prophet. We are primarily interested this morning
in the life of Herod as revealed in these verses. Herod Antipas, as he was known, was the
son of Herod the Great. He inherited from his wicked father all of his craftiness and cruelty.
Jesus called Herod Antipas, that fox. So, one day there came a message to the palace about
the ministry and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. There was division of opinion about who
Jesus was. Some people said, he is Elijah. Others said, he is one of the prophets. But,
Herod said, you're all wrong, he's John the Baptist, who I have beheaded. He is risen from
the dead. That statement from the lips of King Herod gives us a classic statement of what
can take place in the human conscience. This whole passage of Scripture about Herod is a
picture to us of the death of a conscience. Of course, all of us have a conscience. I have
a conscience. You have a conscience. Everybody has a conscience. We are not exactly sure
what it is. We are not exactly positive how you can go about defining it. One little boy
was asked what a conscience was and he scratched his head a minute and said, something that
makes you tell your mother before your sister does. That's not a very bad definition of a
conscience. Someone has said that a enncrirnne is the red warning light which goes off in
your soul. Others have said that the conscience is the moral beeper which goes off when you
do wrong. The conscience might be compared to a walkie-talkie in your heart by which God
speaks to your life. Probably the best definition I have ever seen of the conscience is
in Romans 2:15 where it teaches that the ...

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