by Jerry Vines

Mark 5:25,'34
Remember the last time we looked at this chapter, I pointed out to you that this is the
Bible home for incurables. There are three incurable cases in this chapter. There is first
of,all the demonized man. Second of all, the diseased woman. Third, there is the dead girl.
Actually, the account of the healing of this diseased woman is kind of like a parenthesis
in the action. Jesus is on His way to heal the daughter of Jairus and he is interrupted as
he goes by this woman who comes and touches the hem of His garment. In one sense of the
word, all of the miracles of Jesus were parenthetical. They were sandwiched in as He moved
on to his great work. Jesus came into this world and made His way to the cross. As He went
through this world, the cross was always before Him. Along the way, there were people who
were hurting. Along the way, there were people who had needs. So, Jesus stopped on His way
to Calvary to help people who had human needs. This is the account of Jesus healing the
woman who was diseased with an issue of blood. He was thronged by a crowd. The people were
pressing all around Him, yet, in that crowd there was a weak, timid, dying woman who reached
out and touched Jesus Christ. Her life was transformed and Christ did something for her. In
this crowd today, I pray, that you will reach out and touch Jesus. Regardless of what
anybody else in this host of people does today, I hope, before the service is over, you
personally will reach out and touch Christ and that your life will be transformed. There
are several things I want to point out, several stages in the account of her healing, and
I want to share them with you this morning.
In verses 25 and 26, the Scripture gives the condition of this woman. You need to keep in
mind that this is more than a character on the flat pages of your Bible. This is a real
flesh and blood woman who has a tremendous need in her life. Notice her con ...

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