by Jerry Vines

Mark 5:22-24, 35-43.
This is the third in the Bible home for incurables miracles. You remember three times the Lord
Jesus did something in this chapter which was considered absolutely impossible to do. He cured
a man who was demon possessed. He cured a woman who had been diseased with an incurable disease
for 12 years. Now, He brings back to life a little girl who has died. I really believe that the
most remarkable of all three of these is the one we are considering this morning. In this part-
icular miracle the Lord Jesus reverses the natural processes by His supernatural power. All of
you have seen them take a motion picture projector and turn the film backward so that every-
thing is going backward. You see, Jesus Christ is in control of the film of life and Jesus has
the power to turn the film backward if He so choses. Here is the account of a little daughter
who was 12 years of age and she had died. She was right on the threshold of womanhood. She was
right at the very beginning of the very finest and the most wonderful years in all of her life.
Yet, the Bible says she died. Death is an experience which is common to all. I remember one
time I was walking through a little country cemetery and I saw a burial place of a 15 year old
boy. On the tombstone of that 15 year old boy were these words: remember, young men, as you pass
by. As you are now, so once was I. As I am now, soon you shall be. Therefore, prepare to follow
me. It was a grim reminder to me and all of us that death is no respecter of persons and that
death has no age limit. When you go to the cemetery you will discover that there are graves all
sizes. The young may die, the old must. So, here is the account of a little girl 12 years of
age and she died. We are getting ahead of our story, so, let's just back up now and take up
the 22nd verse. I want to just lay before you the details of this account. Number one I want
to call your attention to -

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