by Jerry Vines

Mark 5:1-20
Mark 5 has been called the Bible home for incurables. There are three cases given in this
chapter which are absolutely, humanly speaking incurable. There was first, of all the demonic
man. Second of all, the diseased woman. Number three, there is the dead girl. All three of
would be considered impossible cases in the Lord's day and in our day as well. For instance,
the man would be assigned to a mental institution. Th& woman would be assigned to a terminal
care unit and the girl would be carried somewhere and placed for burial in a cemetery. But,
when you move through this 5th chapter of Mark you discover that Jesus is more than adequate
for every situation. There are no incurables with Jesus Christ. So, in every situation here
we see that Jesus is more than adequate. To the man who was demonized, Jesus became the great
Psychiatrist. To the woman with the disease, Jesus was the great Physician. And, to the girl
who was dead, Jesus was the great Pediatrician. I want us to zero in on the man who is commonly
referred to in our terminology as Legion, the man who was possessed with demons. You need to
keep in mind the context of this particular Scripture. We have just studied in the 4th chap-
ter about Jesus calming a storm on the sea. Now, the Lord is going to calm a storm in a human
heart. It's a miracle when Jesus calms a storm on the sea. It is a far greater miracle when
Jesus calms the storm in the heart and the life of an individual. So, I want to just arrange
this passage of Scripture from several points of view and look at each one of them as we
move through the verses. I call your attention, first of all, to a miserable soul. When you
look at this man who indeed is-
His name is Legion. His condition is dire. He is a miserable soul. Now, this man who is so
miserable is a picture of what it means to be lost without Jesus. It's a picture of what
life is outside of Jesus Christ. There are ...

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