by Jerry Vines

Mark 4:35-41
It had been a rather busy day for the Lord Jesus. He had taught the people the Word of God.
Now in the same boat which He had used for a pulpit He pushes out from shore and says to
the disciples, "Let's go to the other side." So as they are making their preparations to
launch the boat, the Lord Jesus goes to the back part of the ship, lays His head down upon
a pillow and so very tired, He went to sleep. Isn't that a wonderful picture there. Here is
the great God, the great master of this universe, yet he is in a little boat, asleep on a
pillow. The passage which we have before us today is an account of a miracle of the Lord
Jesus over the realm of nature. I have the idea that Jesus did the things which Adam could
have done if sin had not dimished his power and dominion. I think Jesus did some things in
the realm of nature that we will do when we get our new bodies and when we are in the like-
ness of Jesus himself. So, here is a miracle over the realm of nature. This miracle is very
real, but it is also a parable of power. It is an illustration to us that what Jesus is
S able to do in the physical realm, he is also able to do in the spiritual realm. It's a won-
derful thing when Jesus calms the storm upon a sea. But, it's also a wonderful thing when
Jesus calms a storm in the midst of the human heart. I find this particular miracle very
illustrative of life, itself. Here is a picture of life as a voyage on a sea, a picture of
storms which come up unexpectedly in your life and in mine. I have the feeling that probably
there is some of you, if I really could just know what was in your heart, you would say to
me, "Preacher, that is exactly my situation today. I'm going through a storm, my life's
ship is being tossed to and fro by the waves of adversity. Preacher, I'm in a storm just lik(
Jesus and the disciples were on the Sea of Galilee." I want to just take this passage of
Scripture and apply it to your life ...

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