by Jerry Vines

The Sin Which- Has No Forgiveness.
Mark 3:1-35.
The third chapter of the book of Mark can easily be summarized around three locations,
You will notice in verse 1 Jesus entered into the synagogue. Then, you will look down in
verse 13 and it says that He went up into a mountain. Then, dropping down to verse 19 it
says that He and His disciples went into a house. So you can really summarize the contents
of Mark 3 around these three locations--in the synagogue, in the mountain and in the house.
In these three locations you make several observations concerning the Lord. Now in the first
of these - in the synagogue we see the Lord Jesus confronting malice. Actually the opening
verses of Mark 3 really connect with the closing part of the second chapter and the
sabbath controversy. The Pharisees and the Scribes were accusing Jesus of violating their
sabbath laws and he had just talked to them about the fact that the sabbath was made for
man and not man made for the sabbath. Now, in the opening verses of Mark 3, the Lord Jesus
is in the synagogue on the sabbath day and the Bible tells us that there was a man there
who had a withered hand. I have always believed that this man had been planted there by
the Scribes and that they were using this man simply as an opportunity to catch Jesus and
to find something against which they could accuse Him. So we are told specifically in the
second verse that they were watching the Lord Jesus to see whether or not He would heal
that man on the sabbath day, that they might accuse Him. The word accuse means to bring a
formal charge against. They were looking for something to use against the Lord Jesus to
bring a charge against Him. They were not interested in the poor man who had the withered
hand. They could care less whether that man was ever helped or not. All he was was a pawn
in their petty gain, using that man to find some opportunity to have accusation against
the Lord Jesus. Well, the Lord Jesus picks up their ...

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