by Jerry Vines

Let's Raise the Roof
Mark 2:1-12
If you will look at the first verse you will notice the Scripture says that Jesus came
again to the city of Capernaum. According to Matthew 9:1, Capernaum came to be known as
His town. It seems to have been the headquarters where Jesus Christ conducted His greater
Galilean ministry. Many of the healing miracles which Jesus did took place in the city of
Capernaum. They were amazed at what He did. They were astonished by what He did. And yet
they really were not moved to conversion by all that Jesus did. The Son of God was right
there in their midst and for the most part they were unmoved and untouched about it. It's
possible for a city to have a miracle in it's very midst and yet for the most part the
city be unmoved and not be,converted. It's a very serious thing when a city has the Lord
Jesus presented to it and that city does not believe upon Jesus. Jesus, later on, pro-
nounced a curse upon the city of Capernaum and said that the city which would exalt it-
self to heaven would be instead plunged down to hell. So when you come now on the edge
of the sea of Galilee, they will show you the ruins of the ancient city of Capernaum.
It's a pile of rubble, brick and stubble because they did not know when their moment of
opportunity came. Jesus was in their midst and they totally rejected Him. Well, Jesus
comes back to the city of Capernaum and the word gets out that the Lord Jesus is
there and immediately a crowd is gathered. They completely fill the house where Jesus
is. They are standing in the door. They are all outside looking through the windows. A
large crowd comes because the word gets out that Jesus Christ was there. The greatest
rumor that could ever take place in our church is for the word to get out that Jesus
Christ is here. If a word gets out in a city that the Lord Jesus is in a church, that
church will begin to draw people. There is a drawing power about Jesus for Jesus said,
and I, if I be lifted u ...

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