by Stephen Whitney

God Our Refuge
Stephen Whitney
Psalm 46

Martin Luther was a priest in the Roman Catholic Church when through his study of the Scriptures he became convinced that forgiveness of sin came through faith alone, by grace alone in Christ alone and not through the seven sacraments of the church or your own good works to earn God's favor.

He outlined his disagreements in 95 points on October 31, 1517 which he nailed to the door of the Wartburg Castle Church. The Pope issued an edict for Luther to be excommunicated from the church. He was brought to trial and commanded to retract what he had written. Refusing, he replied, ''I cannot and will not recant. Here I take my stand. So help me God.''

He would have been burned at the stake if it were not for powerful political leaders who hid him in a castle for two years where he translated the Bible into German for the people to read. His writings were burned and his followers were hunted down and persecuted for their faith in Christ alone.

After Luther was free from the threat of death by the church he led the Reformation which took place in Germany. In 1527 he faced one of the greatest difficulties of his life as the Black Plague swept across the country. During this time, Luther's son almost died and his own body was fainting under the continual pressure he faced. In the midst of his personal conflict he found comfort in the promises of Psalm 46 that the Lord was invincible.

When a person lives for Christ they will be persecuted for their faith. Those who stand for the truth will suffer because we live in a sinful world and therefore evil things happen to godly people.

Some scholars believe it was written during the reign of King Jehoshaphat (850 BC) when the Moabites, Edomites and Ammonites joined forces to attack Israel. The people sang, ''Give thanks to the Lord for his steadfast love endues forever.'' The Lord caused them to turn on each other so they ended up attacking and destroying one an ...

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