by Stephen Whitney

God Reigns
Stephen Whitney
Psalm 11

America was founded on the principle of religious liberty. The First Amendment to the Constitution prohibits ''the making of any law respecting the, free exercise of religion.'' In other words the government is not to make any law that restricts our freedom to worship God according to our conscience. The government was not to interfere in religion in any way.

Over time as more and more people rejected Christianity as their religion they demanded that laws conform to their personal beliefs. Since the 1960's there has been a cultural war on Christianity with several landmark Supreme Court decisions. In 1962 teacher-led prayer in school was forbidden. Roe verses Wade sanctioned abortion on demand throughout America in 1973. The display of the Ten Commandments on publicly owned property was forbidden in 2005 and in 2015 same sex marriage became the law of the land.

Three weeks after the Supreme Court announced its decision on same sex marriage, John MacArthur said this from his pulpit:

''We as Christians are the minority. But we have always been the minority. We've just had a reprieve in our little piece of human history. We (believers) are defined in the wonderful, inspired words of Peter as a 'separate people,' as a 'holy nation.' Christ is our King. Scripture is our law. And as in ways that have not been true in the past, Scripture and the laws of our country now collide head on...''

The Biblical foundations of our country have been changed, are crumbling and have been eroded by society which seeks the happiness of the individual as its highest goal. Where do believers turn when the very principles of their faith are being undermined by society and supported by the Supreme Court?

David faced a crisis in which the foundations of society were being undermined and he wrote about his experience and how he handled it in Psalm 11.

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Refuge - Heb. shelter or protection (46:1; 6 ...

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