by Stephen Whitney

Reasons for Thanksgiving
Stephen Whitney
Psalm 107:1-32

On September 16, 1620, 102 passengers boarded a ship called the Mayflower with the hope of finding religious freedom. After a 65 day voyage across the storm-tossed Atlantic the Pilgrims landed in Provincetown Massachusetts on November 21st. By the time spring came almost half of the people had died from poor nutrition and sicknesses. But despite the trials they endured, in September of 1621 they held a feast of thanksgiving after their first harvest.

Thanksgiving is the act of expressing gratitude for a favor or kindness which has been shown to you. We show our gratitude by: personally acknowledging what has been done or by writing a note or a phone call or by giving them something in return.

Pastor Ray Steadman wrote, Christians are to be characterized by an attitude of gratitude about everything. Why? Because we know that we do not deserve anything. Everything comes to us as a gift of God's love.''


God's goodness :1
Good - Heb. kind and upright.
God always does what it is right, never what is wrong so we can always trust him to take care of us and help us in our time of need.
Psalm 119:68 God is good and does good.

Steadfast love (KJB mercy) - Heb. chesed is the key word in OT.
God demonstrates his love to his people because of his covenant.
This word is translated loving kindness 30x in the KJB.

Our salvation :2-3
Redeemed - Heb. to set free from bondage by paying a price.
Abraham rescued Lot from captivity (Genesis 14).
Boaz redeemed Ruth's inheritance (Ruth 4).

The lands - wherever they where that God had rescued them from.
God calls people to believe in him and thank him everywhere.

There are four different groups of people called to thank God: Travelers lost in the desert (:4-9), Prisoners in bondage (:10-16), Sick people made well (:17-22) and Sailors in a storm (:23-32).
Each of the circumstances follows the same pattern: ...

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