by Jerry Watts

Be Forewarned
Jerry Watts
Ezekiel 16:48-51

When the Pastor stands to preach each week, his message is to be, ''Jesus Saves''. He saves us from our sin, from the punishment of sin, and one day from the presence of sin; and He saves us to eternal life restoring our relationship to God the Father and giving us a home in heaven. That is the message which everyone desire to hear from their pastor and for 10 years it is the message that I have attempted to give to you. That message will be a part of this sermon, but today will be and is the most unusual message that I have EVER prepared or preached.

Today is a sad day. It brings with it tears, sorrow, pain, devastation, and some fear. We have not felt exactly like this for 14 years (9/11/01), although we should have just three years ago in the aftermath of Benghazi (9/11/12). However, that was there, so even though 4 Americans lost their lives, we have basically overlooked it and moved on without much response.

Two days ago, we were STUNNED, if not frightened at the events of the day (11/13/15). Sitting in a room in Tennessee, it occurred to me that the Paris attack may well precursor of a world-wide assault. Every piece of intelligence (which refers to information not necessarily smarts) tells us that the group who is responsible for the Paris attack has the USA in its sights and will not rest until the life we know in American is turned-upside down.

I sat there and basically wept. I didn't weep for me because, at my age, I've lived almost the 3-score and 10 spoken of in the Bible. I wept for my kids and grand-kids and for the hundreds of young people who have been taught in the immoral, unethical, and unchristian system of this country. I wept because looking at our culture and comparing it to scripture leads me to believe the greatest help I can be to us on this day is to 'forewarn us.' For years we have quoted Billy Graham as saying, ''70-80% of church members are lost.'' But I can't find where He said ...

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