by Jerry Watts

Take a Look at Jesus
Jerry Watts
John 5:18-29

We live in a day that we call 'enlightenment' and certainly knowledge is growing exponentially. That said, there is a great different in knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is the accumulation of facts while wisdom is the ability to appropriately apply that knowledge. For all of our knowledge, we are a culture and country that seems to be short on wisdom. I can illustrate this very simply.

Take for instance, our country. When the framers of our constitution debated the principles and wrote the document, there was a great sense of building something that was greater than themselves. This requires deep and selfless thinking. They created a government with 3 branches of service and put in place a system of checks and balances. The most powerful branch, according to our framers, was to be the Legislative branch because it was the part of the government that the people (remember, 'of, by, and for the people) possessed a strong representation and voice. They wanted to be assured that no oligarchy would exist. The branch with the second greatest power was to be the Executive branch, where the Chief Executive (the president) would enforce the laws which the Congress would pass as well as serve as our Commander in Chief to protect our interests at home and abroad. Guess what, the weakest of the three branches was to be, the Judicial Branch whose job was not to make or enforce laws, but simply to render an opinion based on the law of the land, the Constitution. I offer this reminder because it illustrates so clearly the different between knowledge and wisdom. In recent years as a nation, we have inverted this concept. The Judiciary has taken over, the Executive Branch has chosen to enforce some laws and the Congress has chosen to do something else. There seems to be a lot of knowledge, but very little wisdom in our nation's capital. For me, this is really sad, but I am thankful we are setting up a government.

But this lack ...

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