by Jerry Watts

Reasons to Be Thankful
Jerry Watts
2 Corinthians 4:6-18

Americans are, seemingly, the most blessed people on the globe. Things we take for granted are considered to be luxuries by the many on the globe. For instance, electricity is one of those things we expect to enjoy. To my generation and younger, a life without electricity is inconceivable. Yet, life is possible without electricity. Think about all the luxuries we have, motor cars, computers, health care, restaurants, etc. We are very blessed. Were I to ask this crowd, the answers for our thankfulness would be many and varied. Yet, could it be that we have been blessed for so long that we take our greatest blessing for granted? And could it be that we have become anesthetized to the blessings we enjoy? Let's do a little personal inventory this morning about our reason's to be thankful. (READ TEXT)

The Apostle Paul gives us a keen reminder of our greatest reasons.

God's Perfect Gift - All of us love to receive gifts. We may not like to be reminded of birthday (a sign of old age), but we like the gifts. Christmas time comes; and we like to get gifts. In fact; just about 'anytime' we love gifts. But how often do we receive that 'perfect gift.' This past Father's day my girls put their heads together and got the perfect gift for me. It was one gift and it was perfect for where I am in life.

Please notice what I did NOT say. I did not say, ''God's perfect 'gifts'. It is true that God gives us spiritual gift(s) (Romans 12, 1 Cor 12, Ephesians 4, etc) when we are saved. They come from God (not our request) to empower us to perform ministry for others. The way a true believer in Christ becomes Christ-like is by serving others. It is equally true that God expects us to discover, develop, and deploy this or these gifts to find fulfillment and joy in our Christian walk. These constitute the ''spiritual gifts.'' In fact, my personal belief is that the reason 'so many are so miserable' (even to the point of wa ...

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