by Jerry Vines

Revelation 22:6-21
Dr. Vines 12/1/85
We've come to the last page in the book of The Revelation. Indeed the
last page in all of the Bible. God made a very special promise to us when we
began our study of the Revelation. God gave a special blessing to those who
would read the book of Revelation and to those who would keep it. So, in this
last page on the Revelation, God reiterates that promise in verse 7. He says,
"Blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of
this book."
I have found that God does just exactly what He says He will do. This is the
fourth time in my ministry I have preached through the Book of The Revelation.
Every time I begin this series I told the people who were listening that God
had placed a unique promise of blessing to those who would read this book and
those who would keep it. I have never seen God fail to do what He said He
would do. We have seen people saved. We have seen our crowds just absolutely
fill the building to overflowing and God has kept His Word and has blessed us.
There is always a blessing when you go into the Word of God. There is
something precious and sweet about opening up the Word of God and letting God
speak to your heart form its precious pages.
When I was a sixteen year old boy I had been a Christian for about seven
years. At that time I took seriously God's command in the Bible to study the
Scriptures. I can remember it just like it happened yesterday. I went to a Ten
Cent Store in our little town and purchased an inexpensive copy of the Bible.
I had been brought up to believe the Bible. I had been brought up to read the
Bible, but like a lot of teen-agers I really hadn't spent a great deal of time
reading the Bible. So, I bought that inexpensive copy of the Bible and I also
bought a red ballpoint pen. I began to read my Bible and underline in it.
After these thirty-two years of reading the Word of God, the blessings God has
brought in my life are more th ...

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