by Jerry Vines

Revelation 17
Dr. Vines 9/29/85
When you conclude the 16th chapter of Revelation which gives us a
description of the Battle of Armageddon, you would expect to find in the next
verses the return of our Lord Jesus. Yet as you continue reading through this
book you will find that return of our Lord to this earth is not mentioned
until you get to the 19th chapter. Chapters 17 and 18 are really parenthetical
in nature. It's an interlude because God has something very important He wants
to show us in these chapters. In these chapters, we are going to see the
destruction of Babylon -- religious Babylon and also commercial Babylon. All
through the Bible there has been the prediction of the destruction of Babylon.
Several times in The Revelation, the Bible says, "Babylon is fallen." All
through the book the Bible has been predicting that time when Babylon is going
to fall. What the Bible has been predicting, now will come to pass in
Revelation 17 and 18.
Here's what we have when we come to the subject of Babylon. Here is a
Bible summation of the entire meaning of the subject of Babylon in the Bible.
Babylon is a word that summarizes everything the Bible intends when it talks
about the world. For instance, the Bible says "Love not the world, neither the
things that are in the world." What does it mean when it says we are not to
love the world. We know, of course, that it doesn't mean God's wonderful world
of nature. When God created this world and painted the skies with beautiful
colors of blue and when God put the trees and the flowers and all of these
beautiful things in the world of nature, we know that God intends us to enjoy
and to admire that world of nature. It doesn't mean that when it says "don't
love the world."
The Bible says, "For God so loved the world." He is talking there about the world of
people. God loves people. God wants us to love people. When the Bible warns us about the
world, it is ...

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