by Jerry Vines

Rev. 16:12-16
Dr. Vines 9/22/85
Along the way, in the book of Revelation, there are little hints of a
final, consummating conflict. For instance, in the ninth chapter, we are told
about a demon inspired army numbering two hundred million who will cross the
Euphrates bringing about invasion. In the fourteenth chapter we are told in
the 19th and 20th verses about a battle that will transpire that will be so
bloody that it will bring blood to the bridles of the horses the entire length
of the promised land, the land of Israel. In these verses the Word of God gets
very specific, very clear and tells us that there is going to be a final
conflict called the Battle of the Great Day of God Almighty. Then he says in
verse 16 that the place where that battle will be fought will be called
Armageddon. This is the only time in the entire Bible that the word Armageddon
occurs. Yet, the prophetic truth of this subject has threads which run all
through the entire prophetic Scriptures. Over and over again in the Bible we
are told that there is going to be a consummation of the age. There is going
to be a conclusion, a fulfillment of all of Bible prophecy. It will consummate
in a great campaign that will end the age. We have been looking at Revelation
for sevl-rwl weeks. in part-ccula-r we have been studying Ch&ater 6, right on in
to 19. Those chapters have to do with what the our Lord called the Great
Tribulation. The Great Tribulation will be that period of time on the earth
after every saved person is caught away into the air to meet the Lord and the
devil has his way on the earth. I don't know what you think about it, but
whatever you do, don't be here when the Great Tribulation takes place. Be very
sure that you know Jesus as your personal Savior so that if Jesus should come
tonight you would be caught up. You would not be left here to endure the
terrible time of Great Tribulation. As you study the Bible on the subject o ...

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