by Jerry Vines

Revelation 15-16
Dr. Vines 9/15/85
I've come to believe that all a person has is Jesus Christ. One of these
days all of the material things you have been able to accumulate will all be
of little value to you. They will waste away and only Jesus will last. If we
live long enough, physical health will diminish. We will not have the vigor,
the strength of our youth and all we will have will be Jesus. If you live long
enough in this world every loved one will pass on and be gone and all you will
have left is Jesus. When you come down to the end of it all the thing that
really will matter and make the difference for all eternity is the Lord Jesus
Christ. I hope you have this Jesus. If you do you can read chapters 15 and 16
and rejoice in the salvation which Jesus Christ has purchased for us. One of
the reasons I enjoy studying these passages of Scripture is because it drives
me afresh and anew to my commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. It shows me my
utter dependence on Jesus.
If you have been following our study of Revelation you know that when we
came to chapter six we began that period of time which the Bible calls the
Great Tribulation. This is the term which our Saviour himself designated for
that period of time on the earth when the wrath and iudgment of God- will be
poured out. In those Great Tribulation chapters which we are right in the
midst of now, you will remember that there is a series of judgments which are
given around the number seven. First of all, we talked about the unfolding of
the seven seal judgments. Then we studied together the seven trumpet
judgments. Tonight the Bible gives to us the seven bowl judgments. We are told
in the first verse that these will have to do with the seven last plagues. In
them will be filled up the wrath of God. One of the reasons I do not believe
that the church of the Lord is going to go through the tribulation time is
because of this verse. During this period of time ...

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