by Jerry Vines

Revelation 14:6-13
Dr. Vines 8/25/85
In ancient Greek drama they were unable to paint all the scenes on the
stage that would be depicted in a particular drama. When they came to the
burning of a city, they couldn't do that on a stage in those days. If they
wanted to describe a battle of sea vessels on the sea, they didn't have the
means to do that in Greek drama. Of course, we live in the days of modern
photography and motion picture producers and directors are able to produce
before our eyes those very things. In a motion picture, through modern
photography, they can burn down a large building. They can wipe out an entire
armada of ships upon a sea. But in Greek drama they were unable to do that and
so in order to describe those kinds of scenes, they would have a man they
called a messenger, come out on the stage. He would announce what had taken
place and then the drama would continue. When you read these verses in The
Revelation you will find a similar picture given to us at this point in our
study. An angel, a messenger of the Lord, makes an announcement and then the
book moves on. A series of announcements describing things that are going to
take place in the future are given by the angel voices that are described.
What we have in these verses is actually the Lord rolling back or pulling back
the curtain of time and allowing us to get a little glimpse into eternity.
There is a perpetual, constant interest on the part of man to know what is
going to take place in eternity. There is something about the unknown and the
uncertainty of the unknown that causes the heart and the spirit of man to want
to know, after death what is it going to be like. In recent days there have
been a lot of books written about those who have experienced what they say is
life after death. Some who have supposedly died for a period of time have come
back to describe it and to write a book ab-out what they have to say. 'Aheth-er
they ...

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