by Jerry Vines

Revelation 14:1-5
Dr. Vines 8/18/85
These verse form a welcome relief to what we have been studying for the
last several weeks. We have been looking in this 13th chapter at some of the
events tre aBible describes for us during the Great Tribulation time. We have
been looking at the rise of the antichrist. We have considered together the
false prophet and the fact that the antichrist and the false prophet will form
a coalition and will bring the world in that day in total domination. If all
we had was Revelation 13 it would be a very depressing, a very dreary scene
indeed. But in chapter 14 John looks away again to heaven and there on Mount
Zion he sees the Lamb. I said earlier on when we began our study of Revelation
that we are not to expect to understand everything that we will find in these
verses. The longer I study the Revelation, the more aware I am of the fact
that I am dealing with eternal matters and that no man really understands
everything we find here. But the key, the clue, the secret that brings this
message of this book to my heart with power is that always in every situation
you can look away to the Lord Jesus, see the victory of the Lord Jesus in the
situation and you will get the message which God wants you to get. You have to
remember that when this book was first read it was read by first century
believers. They were going through days of tremendous persecution. They were
going through times when they were being martyred for their faith. Many of
the things which they were experiencing in their day forecasts the things that
would take place in the future, in the Great Tribulation. So, in the midst of
it all, God spoke through John and said to the people of that day, "Don't be
depressed-, don't he discouraged, the Lamb of God is still on the throne." We
are living in a world that is a world of tremendous turmoil and confusion.
There are times when we get so discouraged and depression comes and we rea ...

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