by Jerry Vines

Revelation 13:16-18
Dr. Vines 8/11/85
These three verses are continuation verses of our consideration of the
character in the Bible known as the false prophet. In Revelation 13, first of
all, we are given a view of a beast out of the sea. We saw that this
represented the antichrist. Secondly, we are given a vision of the beast out
of the earth and this represents the false prophet. So, we have here the
completion of the satanic trinity. In Revelation 16:13, the Bible talks about
the dragon, the beast and the false prophet. Everything God does or is the
devil tries to imitate. There is an anti-God, there is an antichrist and there
is an anti-false prophet. The role of the false prophet in the regime of the
antichrist will be primarily religious in scope. It will be the goal and the
purpose of the false beast to gather together all of the religions of the
world. He will gather them together, there will then be a one-world church.
The ultimate purpose of the one-world church will be that the whole world will
worship the antichrist and the image of the antichrist. Last Sunday night we
saw that this false prophet will command that all of the world worship the
image of the beast that has been constructed in the temple. This is what
Daniel called the abomination of desolation. That time when the temple of God
on the earth is going to be desecrated and the image of the antichrist himself
will be placed there. All men in the world will be commanded to fall down and
worship him. There were several considerations in the verses we studied last
Sunday night. We talked about the fact of his masquerade. The false prophet
comes as one who appears as a lamb. Yet, when he opens his mouth the Bible
says he speaks as a dragon. Then we talked for a little bit about his
miracces.Tire- F-sal-se mphe-tp wi l-l' hav-e the power to do miracl-e Ie remi nd-ed you
that you that you are not always to consider that a miracle is an evidence
tha ...

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