by Jerry Vines

Rev. 13:1-10
Dr. Vines 7/28/85
For several chapters, at this section of The Revelation, we are given
some of the personalities who play prominent parts in the time known as the
Great Tribulation. Beginning back in the sixth chapter and moving all through
these chapters we have certain time designations. Sometimes, as in this
chapter, it mentions forty-two months. At other times it mentions a thousand
and sixty days. Sometimes it talks about a time, times and a half a time or
three and a half. All of these time designations have to do with the last hal
of the period of time commonly known in Bible prophecy as the Great
Tribulation. In chapter six we have been given a chronological account of somn
of the things that will take place on this earth after born again believers
have been raptured from the earth and caught up to meet the Lord in the air.
Now, we are going over this same period of time as we are looking at some of
the personalities who will play prominent parts in the activities in these
closing days on the earth.
You remember in the twelfth chapter we are told that the devil has been
cast out of heaven. He has been cast out of heaven to enter no more. He had
been utterly defeated by the forces of heaven. Now, having been cast out of
heaven, the devil begins to look around on the earth. The devil is searching
for some man. He is searching for a personality who will surrender to his
control and will lead his final effort to have victory on this earth. In this
thirteenth chapter there are two primary divisions. The first ten verses tell
us about the beast out of the sea. I call that beast number one. In the
remaining verses of the chapter we are told about a beast who arises out of
the earth. That's beast number two. Beast number one is going to be the
secular ruler of the revived Roman Empire. Beast number two is going to be the
religious ruler of the revived Roman Empire. We focus our attention, tonigh ...

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