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Worship Sermon Illustrations

Illustration Title Illustration Author
  • A Great Motivator Bits & Pieces, May 27, 1993, p. 12
  • A Heart for Praise Our Daily Bread, January 15
  • Abraham Lincoln Our Daily Bread, June 4, 1997
  • Austria Under Attack Source unknown
  • Balloons Bruce Larson, Luke, p. 43
  • Charlton Heston American Film, quoted in Reader's Digest, January 1992
  • Duke of Wellington Bits & Pieces, March 31, 1994, p. 24
  • Grace and Providence Olney Hymns, William Cowper, from Cowper's Poems, Sheldon & Company, New York
  • I Will Praise The Lord at All Times Olney Hymns, William Cowper, from Cowper's Poems, Sheldon & Company, New York
  • Importance of Praise God's Little Instruction Book for Men, (Honor Books, Tulsa, OK; 1996), p. 23
  • John Wesley Our Daily Bread, December 12
  • Joy is a Discipline Calvin Miller, The Valiant Papers, p. 18
  • Less Competition Indira Gandhi, quoted in Bits and Pieces, April 1990, p. 11.
  • Let's Play Darts! Bits & Pieces, December 9, 1993, p. 24
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes C. S. Lewis, source unknown
  • Practical Tips for Praising One Another Source Unknown
  • Quote Source unknown
  • The Kiss Little House on the Freeway, Tim Kimmel, pp. 41-42
  • We Praise What We Enjoy C. S. Lewis
  • When Leaders Don't Pray Our Daily Bread, December 12
  • Archbishop of Canterbury (Vol. 2, p. 117). R. Mounce, Matthew, p. 151
  • Everybody Knelt Today in the Word, July 30, 1993
  • Failed to Kneel Today in the Word, March 10, 1993
  • Franz Joseph Haydn Our Daily Bread, September 20, 1992
  • Gifts of Praise G. C. Morgan
  • Glorifying God Is a Six-fold Activity Your Father Loves You by James Packer, Harold Shaw Publishers, 1986, page for July 15
  • God I Wish You Had Been There Source unknown
  • How to Test Spiritual Experience? Craig Brian Larson, Pentecostal Evangel, July 14, 1996, pp. 11-13
  • Leave the Matter to the Lord Source unknown
  • Music's Great Influence Source unknown
  • Our Obligation to God Source unknown
  • Submission of Our Nature to God The Integrity Crisis by Warren W. Wiersbe, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1991, p. 119
  • We Delight to Praise What We Enjoy C. S. Lewis
  • What Is Worship? A. W. Tozer, quoted in D. J. Fant, A. W. Tozer, Christian Publications, 1964, p. 90
  • Who Are You Worshiping? Today in the Word, April, 1989, p. 22
  • You Become Like What You Worship Source unknown