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Obedience Sermon Illustrations

Illustration Title Illustration Author
  • A Founder of SIM Source unknown
  • Arabian Horses Source unknown
  • Company President Charles Swindoll, Living Above the Level of Mediocrity, p. 242
  • Dirty Room Contributed by Jan King, Humor in Uniform, Readers Digest, May, 1996, p. 174.
  • Faithful Dog Our Daily Bread, January, 19
  • First Duty The Integrity Crisis by Warren W. Wiersbe, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1991, p. 22
  • It's Not Always Easy From video, "The Harvest", by Chuck King
  • John Kenneth Galbraith Published by Houghton Mifflin, Reader's Digest, December, 1981
  • King of England Source unknown
  • King Xerxes Today in the Word, July 11, 1993
  • Kneel! Today in the Word, July 30, 1993
  • My Share Source unknown
  • Our Captain Source unknown
  • Quotes
  • Roger Staubach Source unknown
  • Root of all Evil Josh McDowell, New Man, March/April 1995, p. 55
  • The Governor Bits & Pieces, May 28, 1992, pp. 5-6
  • The Majesty of the Lawgiver Andrew Bonar, referring to the laws found in Leviticus, quoted J. Bridges, The Pursuit of Holiness, p. 23.
  • The Old Choice Source unknown
  • There's Always Obedience Source unknown
  • Tough Yet Tender Our Daily Bread, August 7
  • Two Soldiers Courage: You Can Stand Strong in the Face of Fear, Jon Johnston, 1990, SP Publications, pp. 155-157
  • Usage Fee Tom O'Keefe, writing in Magazine Week
  • Yielded Wills