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Hell Sermon Illustrations

Illustration Title Illustration Author
  • Bertrand Russell Bertrand Russell, Why I Am Not a Christian.
  • Does God Punish People Forever? The Biola Hour Guidelines, What We Believe, by David L. Hocking, (La Mirada, CA: Biola Univ., 1982), pp. 11-14
  • Donald Trump Donald Trump, investor and businessman. Quoted in Pursuit magazine in an adaptation from the took What Jesus Would Say, by Lee Strobel, 1994, Zondervan
  • Down Under Rotary Down Under, as quoted in Reader's Digest
  • Literal Fire? Wm E. Evans, The Great Doctrines of the Bible, Moody, p. 262
  • Poll: American Men Northwest Christian Journal - May 1997
  • The Abode of Satan The Shaw Pocket Bible Handbook, Walter A. Elwell, Editor, (Harold Shaw Publ., Wheaton , IL; 1984), p. 351.
  • The Mason Jar Source unknown
  • Whatever happened to hell? To Hell and Back, by Maurice S. Rawlings, M.D., (Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publ., 1993), pp. 81-83.
  • Denying Hell Ashamed of the Gospel, John F. MacArthur, Jr., 1993, Crossway Books, p. 65
  • "Fire!" Source unknown
  • Accidental Deaths Our Daily Bread, 4-6-91
  • Ask Jonah! Source unknown
  • Charles Spurgeon Source unknown
  • Embraced by the Light Richard Abanes, in Christianity Today, March 7, 1994, p. 53
  • English Infidel Club Paul Lee Tan
  • False Doctrine Anglican Bishop J.D. Ryle, about 100 years ago. Quoted in The Berean Call, April, 1993
  • God the Judge Your Father Loves You by James Packer, Harold Shaw Publishers, 1986, page for May 3.
  • God's Infinite Forgiveness? Robert Short, The Gospel According to Peanuts, in His, October, 1983
  • Hell is Necessary Christian Theology in Plain Language, p. 219.
  • Hell Is. . . Revelation 20:1-2
  • Hell: Major Stumblingblock Source unknown
  • Lecture on Hell Illustrations of Bible Truth by H.A. Ironside, Moody Press, 1945, p. 40
  • Looking Out for Number One Looking Out for Number One
  • No One Fears God The Wycliffe Handbook of Preaching & Preachers, W. Wiersbe, p. 188
  • Pondering Perpetual Needs U. S. News & World Report, June 22, 1992, p. 26.
  • President Coolidge Crossroads, Issue No. 7, p. 16
  • Quotes Source unknown
  • Sheep and Goats Your Father Loves You by James Packer, Harold Shaw Publishers, 1986, page for September 29
  • Something to Avoid Lieghton Ford, Good News is for Sharing, David C. Cook Publishing Co., 1977, p. 34.
  • Ted Turner Quoted in February, 1990 Confident Living, p. 36.
  • The Gate of Hell The Gate of Hell, from The Inferno by Dante Alighieri
  • Too Late for Repentance H. Alford, The N.T. for English Readers, Moody, p. 395
  • USA Today Poll USA Today poll, 12-86.