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Unity/Conflict Sermon Illustrations

Illustration Title Illustration Author
  • Be Careful What You Say Henry Lesser, Teamwork, Darnell Corporation
  • Deadly Microbe Morris Mandel in Bits and Pieces, June, 1990, p. 22.
  • Discussing Problems Arlene Quant, quoted by Alex Thien in Milwaukee Sentinel
  • Giant Earthworm February, 1985, Spokesman Review, of Fort Worth, Texas
  • Gossip Makers From Hooray for Yiddish
  • Lincoln's Coffin Today in the Word, February, 1991, p. 27
  • Quotes Sources unknown
  • Rumors Source unknown
  • The Gossip Our Daily Bread, June 23, 1994
  • They Ellen Wilcox Wheeler, Christopher News Notes, June 1992
  • Think Alan Redpath, from A Passion for Preaching
  • Vices Source unknown
  • Winston Churchill Barbara Hatcher, Vital Speeches, March 1, 1987
  • Never Missed a Wrong Note Daily Walk, May 14, 1992
  • Admonition Surprised by the Power of the Spirit, Jack Deere (Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing House, 1993), pp. 176, 177.
  • Eccumenicalism Charles H. Spurgeon, The Essence of Separation, quoted in The Berean Call, July, 1992, p. 4
  • Five Fingers Make a United Fist Source unknown
  • Getting Along Phillip Yancey, What's So Amazing About Grace, Zondervan, 1997, p. 33
  • John Calvin The Body, Charles W. Colson, 1992, Word Publishing pp. 107-108
  • One From the Book of 750 Bible and Gospel Studies, 1909, George W. Noble, Chicago
  • Porcupines Wayne Brouwer, Holland, Michigan, quoted in Leadership, p. 68
  • Quote
  • Quote
  • Resource
  • Support Reader's Digest
  • Two Ways of Being United Moody's Anecdotes, p. 53
  • Unity A. W. Tozer, The Pursuit of God
  • Unity of the Spirit in the EFCM Dr. Benjamin A. Sawatsky, Executive Director, EFCM, in Beacon, July, 1998
  • We Were Just One Our Daily Bread, October 4, 1992
  • What You Mean We In Search of Unity, Edward Dobson, pp. 20-27
  • You Got to be Together Leadership, p. 68