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Discipline Sermon Illustrations

Illustration Title Illustration Author
  • Careless Living A. S. Tozer in Men Who Met God
  • Effects of Poor Parenting From Bad Beginnings to Happy Endings, by Ed Young, (Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publ., 1994), pp. 57-58.
  • Ephraim Repenting. Jer 31:18-20 Olney Hymns, by William Cowper, from Cowper's Poems, Sheldon & Company, New York
  • Football Tom Landry
  • Gold Medalist Sports Illustrated, August 2, 1976, pp. 31-35, quoted in How to Profit from Bible Reading, I. L. Jensen, Moody Press, p. 80
  • It's Not Always Easy From video, "The Harvest," by Chuck King
  • No Loose Strings A.W. Tozer in Men Who Met God
  • Paderewsky Today in the Word, August 3, 1993
  • Penny Whistles The Wycliffe Handbook of Preaching & Preachers, W. Wiersbe, p. 189
  • Phone Home Source unknown
  • Poll Results Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, cited in USA Today, 11-27-95
  • Prayer for Patience Olney Hymns, William Cowper, from Cowper's Poems, Sheldon & Company, New York
  • Quote
  • Running Shoes Source: What Counts: The Complete Harper's Index, edited by Charis Conn
  • The Tragedy of Indiscipline Wm. Barclay, The Gospel of Matthew, p. 280
  • Twice as Many
  • Water Problem From an account of the British liberation of Palestine by Major V. Gilbert in The Last Crusade, quoted in Christ's Call To Discipleship, J. M. Boice, Moody, 1986, p. 143.
  • A Definition of Discouragement Today in the Word, April, 1989, p. 18
  • A Mighty God Lita Kurtzer, Zion's Fire, March-April, 1992
  • A Test of Faith Our Daily Bread, Monday, March 26.
  • Confidence Bits and Pieces, September 19, 1991, p. 9
  • Discontentment
  • Discouragement
  • Famous People Taken from Chicken Soup for the Soul: 101 Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit, written and compiled by Jack Canfield and Mark V. Hansen.
  • Going Under Amy Carmichael in Learning of God
  • James (Quick) Tillis Today in the Word, September 10, 1992
  • Quote
  • Storms When All Hell Breaks Loose (You May Be Doing Something Right), Steven J. Lawson, NavPress, Morning Glory, July-August 1995, p. 27.
  • Teardrops
  • William Booth Our Daily Bread, June 28, 1989
  • Plough Ahead Maltbie Babcock, in Bits and Pieces, June, 1990, p. 12