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Purpose Sermon Illustrations

Illustration Title Illustration Author
  • Albert Einstein Source unknown
  • Boutros Boutros-Ghali Stanley Meisler in Los Angeles Times Magazine, in Reader's Digest
  • Crazy Gunman Source unknown
  • Living in the Past The Words of Harry S. Truman, selected by Robert J. Donovan
  • Wrong Way September, 1980, Campus Life
  • Men and Directions Source unknown
  • Migratory Birds Quote magazine
  • Replacement Hood Bits and Pieces
  • See Main Entry Durham, N.C. Herald
  • A Man So Various Source unknown
  • A Relationship that Makes Life Complete Morning Glory, May 29, 1993
  • Became an Atheist Source Unknown
  • Christians Must Have Goals Source Unknown
  • Double-Mindedness Days of Praise, (ICR, El Cajon, CA; December, January, February, 1998), page for February 10
  • Easy to Miss Love Signs of the Times, June, 1993, p. 11
  • Ernest Hemingway Joseph M. Stowell, "Just a Closer Walk," Sunday Digest, December 1997-February 1998, pp. 2-3
  • George Sanders Took His Life Moody Bible Institute's Today In The Word, June, 1988, p. 20.
  • Give Me to Hold Me Firmly to My Trust Amy Carmichael
  • Giving of Themselves Dr. Dale E. Turner, MSC Health Action News, July, 1993, p. 7
  • Golf Demonstration Campus Life
  • He Who Dies With The Most Toys. . . Dr. James Dobson, Coming Home, Timeless Wisdom for Families, (Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton; 1998), pp. 242-243
  • I Didn't Come Up Here to Read Nehemiah, Learning to Lead, J. M. Boice, Revell, 1990, p. 38
  • Invention of the Voting Machine Bits & Pieces, May 28, 1992, pp. 11-12
  • Jimmy Johnson's Priorities Source Unknown
  • Lives of Quiet Desperation Our Daily Bread, July 23, 1989
  • Mark Twain's Thoughts On Man Source Unknown
  • Plane Crash U.S. News & World Report, June 26, 1995, p. 29
  • Purpose in Life Pastor Don Holliday, The Scocaster, September 27, 1998
  • Quotes
  • Stood at Attention Steve Farrar, Point Man, p. 32
  • The Taj Mahal Dr. James Dobson, Coming Home, Timeless Wisdom for Families, (Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton; 1998), p. 122
  • This is Your Moment Today in the Word, July, 1990, p. 11
  • What Did You Think of the Bird? Source Unknown
  • What is Man? Mysticism and Logic, 1929