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Life Sermon Illustrations

Illustration Title Illustration Author
  • Good Bird Dog George Hawkins, M.D. in Medical Economics, in Reader's Digest, January, 1982
  • DIfference, making a
  • Mountain Lake Sanctuary Bits & Pieces, March 31, 1994, pp. 17-20
  • Quotes Source unknown
  • If No One Sees You Eat It, It Has No Calories Source unknown
  • Daily Exercise for the Non-Athletic Source unknown
  • It's Not What You East That Counts... Reader's Digest, April, 1997, p. 146
  • Stress Diet Source unknown
  • How You Spend Your Timse In an Average Lifetime, Tom Heymann
  • Life On Mars Carl Sagan, Other Worlds
  • Quote
  • The Seven Stages of Man The Wit and Wisdom of Richard Needham
  • Typical Lifespan Our Daily Bread, November 25, 1992