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Decisions Sermon Illustrations

Illustration Title Illustration Author
  • A Good Manager Source unknown
  • Can't Make Decisions Source unknown
  • Choices Bits & Pieces, May 25, 1995, pp. 6-8
  • Choose One Chair Guideposts
  • Churchill's Choice Between Two Truths - Living with Biblical Tensions, Klyne Snodgrass, 1990, Zondervan Publishing House, p. 179
  • Dead Tree Robert H. Schuller, Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!, Thomas Nelson
  • Eleanor Roosevelt Little House on the Freeway, Tim Kimmel, p.143
  • Final Decisions Source unknown
  • Good Decision Making Charles W.L. Foreman, "Managing a Decision Into Being," from the Management Course for Presidents, pp.3-4.
  • Groupthink K. Menninger, Whatever Became of Sin?, pp. 96, 97; Irving L. Janis, "Groupthink," Psychology Today, 5:43 (November, 1971).
  • Heads or Tails Donna Paciullo, in Reader's Digest
  • If You Don't Decide . . . Someone Else Will Today in the Word, MBI, August, 1991, p. 16
  • Major or Minor Decisions Source unknown
  • Once to Every Man Source unknown
  • Questions to Ask Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministry.
  • Quotes Sources unknown
  • The Mind of the Spirit The Acts of the Apostles, p. 365.
  • There is Time Source unknown
  • To Every Man Leadership, VI, p. 1
  • Too Many Choices Today in the Word, May 5, 1993
  • When in Charge Source unknown
  • Would You Go? Gary Belsky, Money, July, 1995
  • Nine Questions Bits and Pieces, February, 1990, p. 20
  • Going into Debt Source unknown