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Wealthy People in the New Testament Sermon Illustrations

Illustration Title Illustration Author
  • God's Preferential Option for the Poor Christianity Today, November 13, 1995, p. 52
  • Gold at Sutter's Mill Today in the Word, June, 1990, p. 16
  • How Rich Is Rich? USA Today, 11-11-91, D1
  • If I Were Rich Ron Blue, Storm Shelter, Thomas Nelson Publ., quoted in New Man, March/April, 1995, p. 16
  • Impressionist Techniques U.S. News & World Report, December 19, 1994, p. 19
  • Material Wealth Steve Williams
  • Quotes
  • Rich Young Ruler Source unknown
  • The Most Miserly People of All Time Daily Walk, June 2, 1993
  • Three Simple Rules to Become Rich Source unknown
  • What They Did With Their Wealth The Word in Life Study Bible, New Testament Edition, (Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville; 1993), p. 118