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We Can't Afford . . .

Source unknown

We can't afford to win the gain that means another's loss;We can't afford to miss the crown by stumbling at the cross.We can't afford the heedless jest that robs us of a friend;We can't afford the race that comes to tragic bitter end.

We can't afford to play with fire, or tempt a serpent's biteWe can't afford to think that sin brings any true delight.We can't afford with serious heed to treat the cynic's sneer,We can't afford to wise men's words to turn a careless ear.

We can't afford for hate to give like hatred in return;We can't afford to feed a flame and make it fiercer burn.We can't afford to lose the soul for this world's fleeting breath;We can't afford to barter life in mad exchange for death.

How blind are we apart from thee, our great all-seeing Lord;Oh, grant us light that we may know the things we can't afford.