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The Erring

J.A. Fletcher, "Grace at Work"

Think gently of the erring;You know not of the powerWith which the dark temptation cameIn some unguarded hour;

You may not know how earnestly They struggled, or how well,Until the hour of weakness came And sadly thus they fell.

Think gently of the erring;Oh, do not now forgetHowever darkly stained by sin,He is your brother yet;

Heir of the self-same heritage,Child of the self-same God.He has but stumbled in the pathWhich you in weakness trod.

Speak gently to the erring;You yet may lead them back,With holy words and tones of love,From misery's thorny track;

Forget not you have sometimes sinned,And sinful yet may be;Deal gently with the erring, then,As God has dealt with thee.