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What a Parent Can and Can't Do

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What a Parent Can and Can't Do

I gave you life,but I cannot live it for you.I can teach you thingsbut I cannot make you learn.

I can give you directionsbut I cannot always be there to lead you.I can allow you freedombut I cannot account for it.

I can take you to churchbut I cannot make you believe.I can teach you right from wrongbut I can't always decide for you.

I can buy you beautiful clothesbut I cannot make you lovely inside.I can offer you advicebut I cannot accept it for you.

I can give you lovebut I cannot force it upon you.I can teach you to be a friendbut I cannot make you one.

I can teach you to sharebut I cannot make you unselfish.I can teach you respectbut I can't force you to show honor.

I can grieve about your report cardbut I cannot doubt your teachers.I can advise you about friendsbut I cannot choose them for you.

I can teach you about sexbut I cannot keep you pure.I can tell you the facts of lifebut I can't build your reputation.

I can tell you about drinkbut I can't say NO for you.I can warn you about drugsbut I can't prevent you from using them.

I can tell you about lofty goals,but I can't achieve them for you. can teach you kindnessbut I can't force you to be gracious.

I can warn you about sinsbut I cannot make your moralsI can love you as a daughter or sonbut I cannot place you in God's Family.

I can pray for youbut I cannot make you walk with God.I can teach you about Jesusbut I cannot make HIM your Saviour.

I can teach you to OBEYbut I cannot make Jesus Your Lord.I can tell you how to livebut I cannot give you Eternal Life.