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What Parents Would Like to Hear

Larry Rout in Child

What Parents Would Like to Hear

There's always something you wish your kids would do, such as not tossing clothes inside out into the hamper. Here's my wish list of phrases I'd like to hear my kids say. Not all the time&md;just once would be nice.

1. "You're so cool, Dad."

2. "Who cares if the TV is broken?"

3. "Pass the broccoli, please."

4. "What! No kiss?"

5. "No, thanks. It's too expensive."

6. "It's a hard choice. Everything sounds great."

7. "Bored? How could I be bored?"

8. "I've already made my bed."

9. "It was my fault."

10. "That's okay. None of my friends are allowed to do it either".