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Parents Neglect Biblical Principles

"Ministry Matters'" from Ministry Today, April, 1998, p. 13.

Parents Neglect Biblical Principles

Of All Born-Again Parents…33% Practice Biblical Principles in Parenting.

The majority of Christian Parents surveyed in a recent Barna Research Group project say that church and the Bible do not influence how they parent their children.

Only 33 percent of born-again parents surveyed said their church or faith has been a dominant influence in the way they parent, and only half of born-again parents mentioned anything related to faith (including the Bible, church or religion) as a significant influence on how they raise their children.

The main influences listed by parents included: their own upbringing (45 percent); friends, relatives and spouses (35 percent); and books, magazines and articles on parenting (34 percent). Nearly 63 percent said they expect the church to take a more active role in assisting parents, and 80 percent said the church should do more to help people be better parents.

"Family ministry will be one of the hot issues facing the church over the next few years," said George Barna, president of Barna Research Group. "The challenge facing churches is to know what types of support parents and family members need to become productive Christians and citizens and to provide that support in useful ways."