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That One Was For the Gipper

Daily Walk, July 8, 1993

That One Was For the Gipper

Knute Rockne called George Gipp the greatest football player Notre Dame ever produced. At the height of his college career, however, Gipp was struck with a serious infection that took his life. On his deathbed he told his coach, "Rock, someday when things look real tough for Notre Dame, ask the boys to go out there and win one for the Gipper."

Eight years later, Knute recounted the deathbed story for a lackluster team about to face the powerful Army football team of 1928. The Fighting Irish played beyond themselves that day. In the second half, Notre Dame halfback Jack Chevigny took the ball near the goal line and, having nowhere to go, catapulted over the Army line into the end zone. Jack then leaped to his feet shouting, "That one was for the Gipper!" Notre Dame went on to beat Army 12-6.