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Bruce Wilkinson, 7 Laws of the Learner

1986 70% of high school grads leave the church, never to return 65% of evangelical teens never read their Bibles 33% believe religion is out of date and out of touch 40% of all teens believe in astrology 30% read astrology column daily 93% know their sign 58% of Protestant teens believe students should have access to contraceptives. 25% of high school students contract some form of V.D. 42% of Protestant teens say there are many ways to God. 60% question that miracles are possible 28% feel the content of the Bible are not accurate. 1990 65% of all H.S. Christian students are sexually active 75% of all H.S. students cheat regularly 30% of all H.S. students have shoplifted in the past 30 days 45-50% of all teen pregnancies are aborted 3.3 million teens are alcoholics 1000 teens try to commit suicide daily 10% of H.S. students have experimented with or are involved in a homosexual lifestyle.