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Once I Heard a Song

H.G.B., Our Daily Bread, Friday, February 6

An unknown poet has written:

Once I heard a song of sweetness as it cleft the morning air, Sounding in its blest completeness like a tender, pleading prayer;And I sought to find the singer whence the wondrous song was born;Till I found a bird, sore wounded, pinioned by an ugly thorn.

I have seen a soul of sadness while its wings with pain were furled,Giving hope and cheer and gladness that should bless the weeping world;Soon I learned a life of sweetness was of pain and sorrow born,For that stricken soul was singing with its heart against a thorn!'

You are told of One who loves you, of a Savior crucified,You are told of nails that pinioned, and a spear that pierced His side;You are told of cruel scourging, of a Savior bearing scorn,And He died for your salvation with His brow against the thorn.

You are not above the Master! Will you breathe a sweet refrain? Then His grace will be sufficient when your heart is pierced with pain;Will you live to bless His loved ones though your life be bruised and torn,Like a bird that sang so sweetly with its heart against a thorn?

If you have thorns in your life, thank God for the roses of grace that inevitably go with them.