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The Valley of the Shadow of Death

Olney Hymns, William Cowper, from Cowper's Poems, Sheldon & Company, New York

My soul is sad, and much dismay'd;See, Lord, what legions of my foes,With fierce Apollyon at their head,My heavenly pilgrimage oppose!

See, from the ever-burning lake,How like a smoky cloud they rise!With horrid blasts my soul they shake,With storms of blasphemies and lies.

Their fiery arrows reach the mark,My throbbing heart with anguish tear;Each lights upon a kindres spark,And finds abundant fuel there.

I hate the thought that wrongs the Lord;Oh! I would drive it from my breast,With Thy own sharp two-edged sword,Far as the east is from the west.

Come, then, and chase the cruel host,Heal the deep wounds I have received!Nor let the power of darkness boast,That I am foil'd, and Thou are grieved!