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Heigh-Ho: Spelling by Rule

Source unknown

When I was in school and I learned how to spell,They taught me a rule I remember quite well;Put "i" before "e"&md;so I learned when a bratExcept after "c," it's as simple as that.

When memory gets mushy, I think in this vien,For spelling's a study where sceince should riegn.And when deficeint have siezures of doubtThis rule is sufficeint to straighten them out.

So why need one labor to reach the hieghtOr inviegle a nieghbor to set him a right,When this anceint rhyme will his critics invieghAnd never a crime on his consceince need wiegh.

But while I'm proficeintAt spelling, I've fearedThough the rule is efficeintThe words so look wierd.